Will Liquidlogic Stand by their Drain Plugs?

Stomper missing its drain plug

Loiquidlogic Stomper missing its drain plug.

At the end of October 2012 my boat finally lost its drain plug. The drain plug had issues almost from the start and never really liked being attached of the boat.  Sometimes it would take a minute or so to screw it in, unless you aligned things just right.  While a minor issue really, things changed when it finally left the boat entirely.  After taking a picture of the boat (right) I felt it was time to contact Liquidlogic and see if they would stand behind their products and provide a new drain plug.  E-mail exchange is posted below.



E-mail exchange with liquidlogic

E-mail exchange with liquidlogic



While Liquidlogic was very quick to help out and provide a new drain plug, they seemed less inclined to consider related structural damage.  Would have been nice if they replied to the last e-mail. Just in case you are wondering, the drain plug was lost while the boat was stuck underwater for several days.  Swam after my paddle just stuck in a rock on the first rapid in Greatfalls Virginia.

One comment on “Will Liquidlogic Stand by their Drain Plugs?

  1. Jeff Benefield says:

    Looks like it got STOMPERED. I know a guy who knows a guy could fix that right up for u with some old “army men” and a lighter!

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